The wrong side of 25

I recently came across this image whilst mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and it touched a nerve. I really am getting old, and by old does that mean the wrong side of 25?

Don’t get me wrong, at the ripe age of 28 I’m not quite ready to start handing out Werthers Originals or grow out my chin hair but I am noticing a definitive generation shift. Yes, I part my hair to the side, but I’ve migrated much closer to the middle since the early years when it was all about the Bieber side fringe. I’m still a Topshop (RIP) Jamie jean girl, and think I always will be. I am yet to be introduced to a jean that caters for a long leg and also restricts my excessive eating habits as well as a pair of Jamie jeans! Finally, I do use 😂 , it’s got a permanent place in my Emoji favourites and I will continue to use it whether it’s just a nose laugh or a full on belly laugh! 😂😂😂😂

There’s a moment when you hit your mid-twenties when your brain decides to put you into panic mode to make a decision on what you want to do for the rest of your life. Are you destined to have a relationship with your career, with a trail of failed flings because nothing meets the thrill of being a high achiever? Or are you ready to be thrusted (excuse the pun) into becoming a mother and raising a troop of mini me’s? Or none of the above! Whatever you decide there isn’t a rush, ignore the quarter life crisis your brain wants you to have and create your own timeline!

My point is, don’t feel pressurised about where you should be in your life right now, because where you are is just fine! We’re all at our own pace, and that’s what makes life exciting and give us something to talk to each other about. So, if you want to part your hair to the side while struggling to breathe in skinny jeans, you do you honey! 😂

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