Roaring 21’s

Wow, what a wild few days we’ve had, I use the term ‘wild’ loosely as I’ve not left the house, but we can finally see a light at the end of the Covid tunnel and it seems to resemble a disco ball! Bojo has announced his roadmap and it looks like this summer could be a scorcher; think rooftop bars, bustling food markets and human contact. It’ll be just like the roaring twenties, when World War 1 came to an end and there was an new sense of optimism, but this time round it will be celebrated with bottomless brunches and Espresso martini’s….the roaring twenty one’s!

So, what’s everyone going to wear? When this is over, I will not just be getting dressed up…I will be getting dressed up – UP! Goodbye extensive pasta-stained loungewear collection, hello backless, sequins, thigh splits, heels and anything else glamorously uncomfortable. Jeans and a nice top will merely not suffice when we’ve been housebound for a year, we must make up for lost time. In our own “roaring 21s” Andrew Ibi of Face, a former trend forecaster, thinks that the way we dress will be informed by a new sense of freedom. “we will see a broader acceptance on how to dress for any occasion,” he says, “whether that’s wearing leggings and trainers to the opera, or full drag into the office.” I totally agree, throw out the rulebook where society stipulates what we can and can’t wear and dress however you feel best.

Now we’ve established we’re dressing up to the nines, we need to work out how to dance (not just sidestep), shot tequila and not be socially awkward…won’t be too difficult will it? Whatever you decide you’re doing when you’re out of lockdown, remember that we have spent too long feeling down and being lonely… so say yes to everything, hug friends & friends, get glammed up and enjoy yourself because we’ve earned it! Who’s with me?!

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