How are we supposed to feel?

Last week was a big week for us ladies. We had the highs of International Woman’s Day, and lows of Meghan Markle and Sarah Everard, and to tell you the truth it was an exhausting rollercoaster of emotions. With so much to take in, it’s hard for us to comprehend what is the truth, what is propaganda and what actually is our own opinion.

It’s OK to feel uneasy, uncertain and uncomfortable about the stories which dominated the press last week.

Take a deep breath.

Educate yourself about feminism, racism, how far we have come and how far left we have got to go.

There’s so many noisy opinions in the media, it’s hard to hear your own. You might feel angry, scared or maybe empowered. Whatever you feel right now, just remember that life can be tough, but so are we!

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