Don’t forget to enjoy yourself IRL

As restrictions begin to ease we’re all looking forward to the summer we’ve been dreaming of. Rooftop cocktails with friends, BBQs in the drizzly sun with family, and maybe even a potential Mediterranean get-away but with all these amazing occasions also comes the return of the comparison culture.

Comparison culture has still been apparent in lockdown with the morning Yoga sessions and house renovations but when we’re let out into the wild is it going to get worse? Before lockdown we were in constant competition with everyone on our social channels, whether it’s holiday destinations or brunch locations.

It’s inevitable this is going to come back into our lives with a bang, but just remember we have waited a whole year to enjoy each other’s company so let’s not waste any time comparing it to others on social media. There is no feeling like the feeling when you’re enjoying being with friends/families and laughing, I mean genuinely laughing, not just 😂 (if you’re a millennial). 

We’ve have a whole year of mindlessly scrolling and looking back on old photos (hope this isn’t just me), so let’s put the phones away while we make up for lost time and live in the moment!

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