Feel-good guide

Look GOOD, feel GOOD.

Dress for how you want to feel, trust us it works! And now is the perfect time to experiment with vibrant colours and feel-good patterns with no regrets. You can try out how the psychedelic patterned dress looks with your colour clashing headgear at home. No room for malfunction. 

Feeling glam stops you giving a damn and we love it!

Never underestimate the power of a statement knit!

There’s something about the way bright colour or a fun print completely transforms an outfit to make it so much more enjoyable. Jeans and a t-shirt suddenly look 10 times better with a statement knit, and a black midi dress can be instantly brought to life with a bold jumper! Our Pink Zig Zag tank is the perfect knit to elevate an outfit, and oozes confidence (on Zoom). 

Turn up the volume…

…with some feel-good tunes! When you listen to a song you really like, dopamine is released into your brain…what does this mean? The effect of this is simple – you feel good! Our Spotify NFD Happiness playlist is an instant mood booster, curated by the team to spread love and happiness. 

The gift of giving, send love from lockdown 

Sometimes the best way for instant gratification is to make someone else feel happy! Share the love by sending a gift voucher or E-Gift card to a friend who needs cheering up and enjoy the warm feeling it brings you!

Feel-Good Friday

 Every Friday we’re determined to bring you a large dose of feel-good inspiration via Instagram! Whether it’s learning how to style your Jaspre skirt into a dress or taking part in a positive live workout session. NFD’s showing you different entertainment each week to bring you that Feel Good Friday!

Fresh Pjs, fresh mind

A good nights sleep reduces stress levels (which we all need right now) allowing you to feel more at peace and positive. Is there any better feeling than following up a steaming hot bubble bath with brand new PJs? Fresh sheets + eye mask + matching PJ set = successful sleep.

Style with substance

Why you wear something is just as important as what you’re wearing. Clothes send messages, they are a way to show our values and opinions. Our Charity Tee’s are close to our hearts for so many reasons and the support our Honey’s have shown us with each Charity Tee we create is amazing. £5 of every Boob Tee that’s sold is donated to ‘Mind’, an incredible charity. Through the sales of this Tee, we’ve been able to donate over £20,000 to the charity so far and we want to keep on helping! 

Page turners

Hands up, who’s lost count of the number of films and series they’ve watched over the past 10 months? We’ve spent so much time in front of the TV, jigsaws have lost their novelty and banana bread just doesn’t taste as good when you’re on your third loaf…in one week! Take a break (excuse the pun) and read a magazine. Magazines are a great source for inspiration, especially for fashion. Heat provided us with some insight on how to wear the Love loungewear set and OK taught us that animal print is always fierce. So, give your eyes a break from the little screens; whether it’s to gaze at interior design, lust over designer fashion or just to puzzle over crosswords at the back, taking time to yourself is always a good thing. 

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